For Hobbits and the Beings and Evil Pieces of Jewelry, etc., Who Love Them

And All Shire Dwellers, Friends, Visitors, Interlopers, Census takers, etc.

The Shire of the Middle Earth Sock Puppet Theater
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Good day to you all and welcome to The Shire Community of MESPT. Well, it's about time, isn't it?
abba, adventures, ale, angst angst angst, arda, bag end, baggins, baranduin, bisexuality, bodices, bolgers, books, brandybucks, brandyhall, brandywine river, breakfast, bree, buckland, bywater, calendars, cave trolls, cheese, clones, combing foot fur, comfort, cooking, cottons, cuddles, dancing, dinner, drinking, dwarves, eagle taxis, eating, elevensies, elves, ents, evil jewelry, fallohides, family trees, fat, ferrets, fireworks, fish, flamethrowers, flets, food, foot fur, fuckses, gamgees, gardening, gay, geneology, golf, good tilled earth, goodbodys, great smials, green, growing food, hadl (hobbit anti-discrimination league), halflings, harfoots, hats, heterosexuality, hills, hillsides, hobbit, hobbit rights, hobbiton, hobbitry, hobbits, hobbitses, holes, homosexuality, hornblowers, italics, laughing, lawyers, leaf, lembas, lesbian, litigiousness, long and skilful fingers, longbottom, lunch, malls of moria, mathom house, mathoms, mespt, mordor pizza express, more food, mushrooms, music, naked in mordor game, naps, no adventures thank you, no meteors, nobottle, old wineyards, pansexual, pansexuality, parties, peace, pervy hobbit fanciers, pie, pipe weed, presents, proudfoots, queer, quiet, rabbit stew, red book of westmarch, rings, round doors, round windows, scholarship, second breakfast, sex, shire monorail, shire-reckoning, simple life, six meals a day, smial, smials, snacks, sombrero, stable tectonic plates, stoors, strawberry bubble bath, supper, sushi, taters, tea, the green dragon, the middle-earth sockpuppet players, the sea, the shire, tooks, trees, tunnels, underground, uruk haiku, well-farmed countryside, weskits, westron, wizards, woodlands, yellow